Who is Cebarre

CEBARRE is a diminutive of Charles BARRE.
French citizen, Charles BARRE was born 1949 in Paris.
Child, he spends several years in Italy, in Rome, where his father Louis Carolus BARRE former member of the French School of Rome had obtained a position at the Palazzo Farnese.
Rocked between the "dolce vita" and walks in the gardens of the Villa Medicis, the young boy evolves in a brilliant society where the history, the art and the literature mix readily in the family conversations. His father, a scholar, a latinist and a great historian of the Middle Ages will not have any evil to transmit to him his taste for the culture and his love of the beautiful things.
The Roman escapade ends when his father is definitively named in the Ministry for the Cultural Affairs.
Of return in France, the family settles in Paris in the heart even of Saint Germain des Pres, the district of the artists, living symbol of the new wave.
Charles BARRE continues studies that its parents wish classics. The events of 68 changes the things for the student who is registered without conviction in the university of Law.
It will necessary to wait a few years to see himself towards the business world.
"One period without interest!" Readily admits the artist who must have patience until the Nineties, just after the brutal disappearance of his father, to join again with the World of Art.
Quickly its early works will be noticed and overseas, America opens already the arms to him while on its side he opens very large its wings.
In 1998 Cebarre definitively leaves Paris to come and settle in the south west of France, not far from Cahors, in a pretty house while white stones, an old farm lost greenfield. There,near a wood of oaks where runs a source, the artist organized his atelier where,in a monacal silence, Cebarre is devoted entirely to its work.
Since, its creativity keeps growing and all the images emerge in front of us, they show us that there is somewhere "Another World" ...

The World of Cebarre.

By sheer force of will, and to want to seek the infallible method, the artist inevitably ended up finding his world.

A suspect World will say some one, because the World of Cebarre, obviously, no one has never walked the ground.
It is for the kids! All is greenish, Peter Pan ... And man, in all this, where is he?
Cebarre does not hesitate.
 "Man is there in front of me, in front of you, he says full of convictions. Man inspires me. He worried me with its greatness, its weaknesses, its fragility, its immense fragility. Yes, says the artist, looking at my paintings the man look at the man. We are fundamentally sad and we invented a smile as a sketch. We put on our lips, our cheeks, our eyes, this grimace to believe in an ideal, imaginary happiness. This is a trickery ! Was it necessary to hide our melancholy ? Was it necessary to remove it from our lips, our eyes? For my part, this aspect is innate for us, it is engraved in our flesh, it expresses the feeling which we have of our fragility and our loneliness and especially of our inexplicable existence, our precarious existence on this small piece of rock engaged in a universe too much rational for human being".
The images however are there, artistic, vibrant and colorful, sadness also ... The faces are blafards, the eyes in marble, the soul is anxious.
Features and review, to appreciate or to hate, to applaud or hoot, Cebarre astonishes us, shakes us, haunts us ...
Are we well in front of men, Mr the Artist ?

The Methode of Cebarre

The paintings of Cebarre are large, sometimes too large. 76,00 x 102,00 cm, 91,00 x 102,00 cm, 102.00 x 102,00 and 204.00 x 102,00 cm are in general the sizes used by the artist. Some "tryptiques" also are larger still.
Why so large ?
Indeed, it is a problem for those who lack of space, answers with a smile the artist. Yet I have tried other dimensions, but with smaller canvases I am never happened to put everything I had to put!
The design is rigorous, the features are remarkably precise, voluntary sometimes, on the limits of calligraphy as if it was to emphasize certain traits, while others are simply forgotten.
The colors for their part following gradients built, regular contrasted, ranging from pastel-toned colors the most explosive.
Classical, almost academic, this is the two adjectives that define the unique method of its work.
A method like this one must have a name! Told somebody one day. Why not, and since the method is based on the principle of Radial Opacity, Cebarre simply gives this name: OGA. Objective Gradient Act.
I do not like scribbles, "affirm readily Cebarre. For me, painting should follow a method. It is demanding, I admit it, but nobody become an artist by accident. It's hard to imagine a painter in front of his canvas without knowing what he's going to bring on the canvas and how it will bring. The work of Ingres, for example, fascinates me by its design, its precision. This artist has invented photography before the camera! He uses the brush and he cuts the material to reveal the details which are mirror of reality ...
Cebarre talks about what he knows, he cuts the material with perfection too and the characters of the "Second Period" become more striking, more human and sadder at the same time.

Cebarre in the world of the humans.

Cebarre frequently travels for exhibitions overseas, and some paintings are part of private collections.
So far, while the prices of his paintings are growing up the artist is anxious to give a global dimension to its work.
By the means of Arts-System of which he is founder (Paris 2000), Cebarre exposes its works throughout the world. On Internet, the Gallery Arts-System daily receives 4000 visitors who open more than 15000 pages and over 18000 images each day!
But that's not all ... The gallery of Cebarre opens its doors to 110 countries around the world. Thus, USA, Europe, South America, India, China, Russia, Africa, all Nations of the Earth comes each day to visit and recognize the work of a great artist.
That is a real feat, a feat at the level of the largest international museums.
Cebarre would have to stop, stop there. It was not to know the man!
People like my work, that's no problem ... he says one day.
Since, millions of Internet users worldwide use its images as letterhead for their e-mails, as stationery, wallpapers computers and phones of all kinds ...
Cebarre keeps a cool head.
There, Mr. the Artist, your World surprises us, but we have every reason to believe that everybody love it.

Biography by Jane Miller © Arts-System 2006 - New York and Paris. Passing by"Les Deux Magots"...

Mépris - Oil on Canvas - 2006

Collection Privée

Runaway - Oil on Canvas - 2006

Collection Privée

DESIR - Oil on Canvas - 2009

Collection Privée

LOOK - Oil on Canvas - 2006

Collection Privée

SON OF THE STARS - 2007 - Triptyque Oil on Canvas
OUT OF THE CITY - 2007 - Diptyque Oil on Canvas